If you contributed to bpython and want to be on this list please find us (Community) and let us know!

bpython is written and maintained by Bob Farrell <robertanthonyfarrell at gmail dot com>.

Other contributors are (in alphabetical order):

  • Thomas Ballinger <thomasballinger at gmail dot com>

  • Federico Ceratto <federico dot ceratto at gmail dot com>

  • Ingrid Cheung

  • Maja Frydrychowicz

  • Martha Girdler <martha at cheezburger dot com>

  • Eike Hein <sho at eikehein dot com>

  • Allison Kaptur <allison dot kaptur at gmail dot com>

  • Jason Laster <jason dot laster dot 11 at gmail dot com>

  • Miriam Lauter

  • Mary Mokuolu

  • Brandon Navra <brandon dot navra at gmail dot com>

  • Michele Orrù <maker dot py at gmail dot com>

  • Pavel Panchekha <pavpanchekha at gmail dot com>

  • Keyan Pishdadian

  • Sebastian Ramacher <>

  • Amjith Ramanujam <amjith dot r at gmail dot com>

  • Andreas Stührk <>

  • Simon de Vlieger <simon at ikanobori dot jp>

  • Tarek Ziade

  • Marien Zwart <marien dot zwart at gmail dot com>

A big thanks goes out to all the people who help us out by either submitting patches, helping us determine problems, our package maintainers, and of course everybody who creates issues for us to fix.